Enhancing your vocal skillset in a digital environment can prove immensely beneficial for reaching out to a wider audience. Whether you host multimedia conferences via Skype, Voip, Webinar or other networks, or simply spend a great deal of time speaking over the phone in your business life, your voice represents who you are.

For actors and presenters we offer coaching from a voice specialist perspective in voice over technique, continuity announcing and other forms of recorded voice for TV, radio and audio recordings. This includes straight reads, characterisation, narration for documentaries and fly on the wall style programmes, commercials, computer games and audio books.

Past clients have included business people, actors, authors, and artists.

Sessions take place near Liverpool Street in the City of London.

For a no obligation call about how Brighter Voice training can help your individual needs, e mail us via the Contacts page.

Brighter voice – helping to avoid vocal disconnect in a digital world.