public speaking


Public speaking, whatever the occasion, puts you firmly in the spotlight. Not only are you expected to make an impact, give clear messaging and engage your audience; you also need to be in complete control of the situation. This sounds simple, but as Harvard Business Review reveals:

"Fear of public speaking tops the list of common phobias, ranking just above fear of death".

(Source: HBR November 28, 2016)

As sensationalist as this quote sounds, it demonstrates that you are not alone if you simply dread the mere idea of having to speak in public. Using mindful holistic teaching together with actor based methodology, we aim to get you into "Brighter Voice" mode, reducing stress before it has time to build up and arming you with a tool box of vocal skills that give you the potential to transform your presentations.

Even if you only have the seeds of the idea, we can help you structure your presentation from the page to the stage. We can even use our in house artist to develop your Powerpoint slides for maximum impact. Our aim is for your message to be friendly, informed and compelling.

Sessions take place near Liverpool Street in the City of London or workshops on public speaking can be delivered in-house.

For a no obligation call about how Brighter Voice training can help your individual needs, e mail us via the Contacts page.

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